About Us

The Founder

R S Educational Society is the result of experiences that our founder Ram Niwas ji had in his life. He was born in 1944 in a village in Hapur city of U.P. to a family where resources were adequately available, so his parents were not keen on his idea of being educated but he was determined to achieve a master’s degree which he earned in 1968. Soon things changed and the family was now struggling for survival it was when Ram Niwas ji stood confident and ruled out all problems with problem-solving skills he attained from education. After leading successful professional life in 2005 he decided to form an NGO to bring awareness about being educated in rural areas.

The Organisation

R.S. Educational Society is the outcome of the association of young and committed youth. The group informally involved with society and found that condition of Rural and Urban Dalit, Minorities, Deprived Section like farmers, unemployed youth, illiterate demos, labors, and destitute women & children, is not living a life that Government of our Country aspires for them. Taking this situation into account RSES started working with this community in the year 2003 but with the intention to institutionalize the effort in 2005 the association finally got registered under the able leadership of social activist Mr. Ram Niwas (President) with a long-established vision “To bring this section (Mention above) into the mainstream of the society by eradicating lack of awareness in them. Thus “Interacting and helping women, children, farmers, labors and youths, organization building, awareness and developing their skill” has become the mission of RSES.

The organization is active since 2005 to bring awareness about being educated in rural areas. During our visits we realized, here residents usually have little income sources which are usually consumed in their basic survival, and making for education is difficult. Students were lagging because teaching methodology in rural schools is still primitive, they do not have access to the latest techniques while urban schools are keen on adopting modern ways of teaching. So, all our team members contributed all they can to build its first CBSE Affiliated senior secondary The Adhyyan School (www.theadhyyan.edu.in) in 2013. Since its opening School is helping parents with little income sources and one’s living in rural areas to give them equal opportunity. There have been more than 300+ students and still counting who have been offered full scholarships. We feel proud when our students on scholarship make our country proud one example is Anmol also know as Google Boy.

Interested aspirants can contribute can participate in our mission to end the rural-urban divide by following ways:


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